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'Sussex Classic 2024' - Ocean Surfski Race 

About The Race Event:

Welcome to the 3rd 'Sussex Classic - Ocean Surfski Race'.

'Sussex Classic 2024'

Ocean Surfski race will be Midday on Saturday 1st June 2024, and will be a single and double Surfski race.

If the conditions are expected to be outside of the operating safe limits, the race will be cancelled and there is no Plan B.  Please see more details below.

This is an SLSGB event weekend with the fantastic support of  Lancing /Adur Council, Brighton Surf Life Saving Club/HSS Onecall/Lynx Construction Group/The Dealers and Shoreham Surfski.  Without all this support we would not be host the event. 


It remains a community non profit event, any monies raised will again be split to support the BSLSC and RNLI.

Sussex Classic 2024

Date :  1st June 2024 @ Midday

Course :     Triangle courses set on the day.

Distance :  14 - 17km, 3 laps (c.4.5km Laps).

Location  : Lancing Beach Green, West Sussex


Race Entries Opens 1st April at 10am.

Race Entries will not be limited this year.

Surfski Event Race Team:

Race Organiser - Clive Gasson  

Water Event Safety Manager - Dave Samuel  

Water Safety Manager - Keith Hopkins

Team GB Assessment Race:
This is a Team GB assessment race, please
make sure you speak to the GB selection coach for any specific requirements.

GPS Event Tracking:

GPS event will be used for primarily for your safety but also event tracking and event timing.   

Links to the race should be here live to 'Watch Live' on race day !

Minimum Entrance Requirements:

Competitors must be a paid up annual Member of SLSGB (without it we could not insure the event.)​

You can do this at  SLSGB

This will also cover you to race at the sister 'Epic Bay Race'

​Competent Ocean Surfski Paddler - You must be responsible for yourself, and be able to self rescue.

You must declare your competence to paddle 20km in all offshore conditions.  Safety cover is not provided to rescue competitors who do not have the competence to handle offshore paddling.  Race team will have the right to withdraw any paddler for any reason.  You must confirm and read all the Terms and Conditions, complete the medical declaration as part of the signed up to the race.  

Any competitors under the age of 18 must be accompanied by their parent and have their competence verified by a coach.

Entry Process :

Go onto the Entry Page and follow the prompt's​

You will be asked for your SLSGB Membership Number. It is your responsibility to make sure this is valid on the 1st June 2024. SLSGB numbers will be checked 5 days prior to the race, unfortunately if this is not valid you will be not be allowed to race and no refund will be given.   

Min Safety Equipment 

By signing up for the event all competitors confirm as well as your own competence you will have as a minimum the list of safety equipment below:

1) Your craft is suitable for the conditions and seaworthy. 

2) Leg leash is mandatory. You are responsible for ensuring it is securely attached to your leg and craft. 

3) A proper body PFD that complies to ICF standards.

4) Means of communication either VHF radio or mobile, charged and in working condition. 

Items will be checked at Registration. No equipment no race.

Prices for 2024​

Single Surfski   -   Race Entry £41.50 

(made up of £30 race ticket / £6.50 GPS tracking / £5 Car parking on beach green)

Double Surfski (per Boat)  -  Race Entry £61.50

 (made up of £50 race ticket  / £6.50 GPS tracking / £5 Car parking on beach green)


Bank Fee's ( Bank Fee charges will be added at checkout  + 4%)

Race Conditions:

This is an Ocean Surfski Race, and we are dependent on the British Weather, there is no plan B race.

We will be reviewing the race conditions in the 3 days prior to the event, and an update will be provided, on Facebook and / or the Website.  If necessary a final call by the event team at anytime up to the start of race if necessary.  

Conditions that will likely cancel the event will be wind forecasted with greater than c.20knots in any southerly direction. The event safety team will call this and their decision is final.  

Race Categories / Information :

There will be categories for both Men and Women in the following :

  • Under 18 (Must be 17 or under on the 1st Jan 2024)

  • Under 23 (Must be 22 or under on the 1st Jan 2024)

  • Open 23 - 35

  • Masters aged 35 (Must be 35 on the 1st Jan 2024) to 55

  • Veterans aged 55 (Must be 55 on the 1st Jan 2024) and above

  • Doubles (One Open Category and will include Men / Women and Mixed crews)

  • Para

Start - SLS Jump Start

Competitors will form a line up in the water next to their craft.  When the starter is happy that everyone is lined up a ready, a flag will be dropped from the IRB lead boat (which will be in the middle of the start line on the water). 

This will signal the start of the race.  The lead competitor will follow the IRB onto the course and round the first lap.

Finish - Water Finish

Competitors will return to the beach they started.  They will see 2 flags waist deep in the water, this will indicate the FINISH LINE.   Once you have passed the finish line race competitors must take both their Surfski and Paddle up through the funnel !

​At this point you must return to the beach Marshalls both your Bib and GPS tracker.  

All competitors must not leave the beach with either their Bib or GPS tracker.  (we need to know your safe), this goes for anyone retiring from the race as well.

Draft Course Map

Lead In and Return to beach, approx 1km

Each Lap c. 4.5km

No of Laps 3 

As the Lead paddler passes the Control Boat to exit the course for the 3rd time, a Single Blast of the horn will be given from all the safety boats.  All competitors will then complete their lap and return to the finish. 

No of laps will be taken into account in the finish times. 

Trophies for each category will be given as long as there are :

1st  - 3 competitors on the start line for that Category.

For categories with less than 3 in the Class will default competitors into the next category down. I.e. Veterans will go into Masters, Masters into Seniors.  

Get in touch so we can start working together.

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