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2023 the Sussex Classic weekend 

What's New for 2023 !!

Lancing Parish Council  have continued to provide amazing support for this event, and so a massive thank you to them! .  We now have the Lancing Beach Green for a whole weekend of 10th and 11th June !!  

This is an SLSGB Event Weekend

In order to provide safety cover and insurance for this event it is held under the governance of an SLSGB event.  

Our safety crews travel from across the country to provide us with amazing support to run this race.  This year we will be aiming to add some SLS IRB demonstration / racing  events along with some junior races.

Weekend Now Opens up a some new opportunities 

With safety cover for the whole weekend, this now gives us to the opportunity to select a weather window and more importantly a potential plan B for the race weekend.

It will be our intention to run the races as per the draft race timings shown, but this year we have the opportunity to change the race day on the run up to the race weekend.  Hopefully this will increase the probability of ensuring we have a race at some point on this weekend. 

(To be clear though the intention is we will only change the race timings if it is clear we can't accommodate the race on the Saturday as planned) 

The same safety conditions will apply as per last year, which is generally that if the wind predictions are greater than 20knots in any southerly direction, and as always final race decisions will be made by the Water Safety Officer and we /he may cancel the race for any reason.  

I think we can all agree last years race was in great conditions, let pray for the same in 2023 !

Limited Camping Opportunity

If you are involved in providing support with safety cover for the 'Sussex Classic 2023' or you are entering the race this year there will be the opportunity for camping in the event area of Lancing Beach Green.  
It is a flat £50 per tent / camper  which will allow you to camp both Friday and Saturday nights. (Sorry no Caravans) 

The camping is on the green and there will be very limited access to toilet facilities and water. 

There are no hook up facilities or toilet emptying facilities, you must take this away with you.

You must take all rubbish and leave your site as you found it.

The parish are very supportive of this event, please respect this and the neighbours.  Anyone abusing this will be asked to leave immediately by a member of the event team.

There is no security on site, and this is a public space you will be responsible for your possession's and the like this an open park area, so you should treat as such.

You can only apply for this once your race entry has been made.  You should send your request to with how many persons and what you intend to camp in, details will then be provided. 

Race Fee's For 2023

Surfski Race Fee's - As before all participants must be a paid up member of SLSGB in order for you to race. This allows us to insure and run the event. I remind you that it is your responsibility to make sure this is valid, and will only be checked once this year on 5 days prior to the event.  If you do not have this you will not be allowed to start the race and there will be no refund.

Single Ski Entry Fee (includes free beach green parking with race ticket) : £35

Double Ski Entry Fee : £55 per boat

  • GPS tracking (mandatory) £6.50 per boat. (Mandatory with every entry)

  • Bank Fee's charged at 4% of transaction.

2023 will be no different and any monies raised above covering the cost's of the event will all be put back into the BSLSC and RNLI. 


Draft Race Timings for the Sussex Classic Weekend of Surfski and Surf Life Saving

Saturday 10th June 2023


(Registration Opens 09.00 and will close at 10.15am)

Tickets go on sale 1st April 2023 @ 9am

Dealers will all be keen to show you their latest gear, stay relax and enjoy the green. 

Prize Giving will be on the Beach Green around 2.30pm.

15.30 - 16.30 : Youth SLSGB Spec Ski sprint distance approx. 700m apex course

Registration will open after the completion of the Sussex Classic

Sunday 11th June 2023

09:30 - 14.30 is Demo Day, come day and try all what the dealers have to offer as the Sunday is Demo Day.

Come and relax and enjoy some SLS Exhibition events with SLS Spec ski racing and IRB Training.

10.00 - 14.00 IRB Exhibition and Race Training

Race Briefing will be 09.30

14.30 event will close


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